Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Formula Debate

Ever since Madi was born we have had issues with formula in our house and Mason is no exception. Madi had to have a tablespoon of rice per ounce of formula beginning at 7 weeks because of such severe reflux. She maintained 50% in weight, so we continued this regimine until she began "real milk" at age 1. After some investigating around her first birthday, I decided that she had a milk allergy which was causing her to keep a cold and ear infections (the doctors agreed with me, Brit did not). So Madi drinks soy milk instead of real milk and eats all soy products instead of real dairy.

Mr. Mason is another story...we started him on normal milk based formula. He too had severe reflux - worse than Madi. Whatever went in came right back out in waterfalls. Since he was not gaining any weight, he was put on Axid (a prescription reflux medicine) at 1 week old. Brit and I were not loving this idea at all. Dr. Stone also suggested that we change him to soy. This worked much better and we stopped the Axid and started putting 1 tablespoon of rice per ounce of formula. Worked wonders. Then the colic started. The screaming and screaming and screaming for hours and hours and hours. Dr. Stone suggested changing some things like start the Axid back (which helped) and change formulas. So we changed formulas to Nutramigen.
Nutramigen with Enflora LGG
And magically Mason didn't cry anymore! At all! It was a miracle! But he was also 3 months old and we thought it might just be I gave him normal formula - milk based normal formula. This made him vomit for 2 hours. Back to soy and he screamed. So Mason now has his hypoallergenic Nutramigen and is a happy little camper.

Just this week I began to give him applesauce as a suppliment and he LOVES it!

Oh and by the way:
Normal formula = $0.47 a bottle
Nutramigen = $1.48 a bottle


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